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Post To Win

Post Away and See What You Can Win Today!

What is Post to Win

  • Post to Win is a game that takes place on social media where customers are able to directly interact with businesses through postings.
  • By posting content with a specific hashtag or mention, customers earn themselves the possibility to win prizes.
  • Build a more engaging and interactive social media community using our post to win game!

How It Works

  • Your client’s audience will be shown a list of all the prizes that they can potentially win.
  • To enter the game, they will have to post content with a specific hashtag or mention on social media during the campaign. This will enlist the audience member as a participant in the draw.
  • Participants will also be shown the number of people that have participated as a way to build hype and excitement of the draw. Furthermore, the hashtag will be searchable, positioning it for virality.

Prize Redemption

  • The winner is randomly or specifically (depending on the requirements outlined) drawn from the list of participants. The winner will then be contacted through social media messaging with the details to claim their prizes.
  • This will usually take place in the form of the winners providing their contact information.
Encourages Customers to Engage with and Promote Products or Services
Audiences can be incentivized to post creatively in order to increase their chances of winning. This not only makes them engage more deeply with a business’ products/services but also makes them free promoters.
Great way to Boost Awareness
Post to Win is a great opportunity to give a business increased exposure. The competitive spirit generated by having participants able to see each other’s posts skyrockets awareness as they battle it out to get a better chance of success.
Games Excite Customers
Games that draw on the element of chance and surprise are generally more effective, as they build anticipation and keep audiences highly engaged.
Grow Your Client’s Social Media Following
Post to Win allows you to grow your client’s social media following as it requires participants to get involved with your social media platforms in order to win prizes. you will also begin to cultivate a community who share similar interests in their products/services.

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Create an overall fun and exciting experience for your customers