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Spin to Win

Spin Away and See What You Can Win Today!

What is Spin to Win

  • It’s a game that allows its players to digitally (simply a click of a button) spin a wheel and win prizes that are displayed on the wheel.
  • Think Wheel of Fortune but with prizes based around what a business can offer to incentivize its potential customers.
  • What’s more, the wheel can also display products that aren’t available as prizes, showcasing them without making them giveaways.

How It Works

  • Customers can participate in the game by simply scanning a QR code or accessing a link that directs them to the wheel.
  • The wheel can be embedded into a page, website, or any other digital platform.
  • With a press of a button, the wheel is spun.
  • You have the ability to set the outcomes, such as number of prizes, the frequency with which a prize appears, as well as having empty slots where no prizes are won.
  • You can also customize the wheel to your own liking, ensuring that it’s designed and themed on brand.

Prize Redemption

  • For the lucky winners, they will be directed to another screen with a message showing what they’ve won and how they can claim their prizes.
  • This will usually take place in the form of providing their contact information.
  • In order to redeem the prizes, your business will be able to invalidate the winning scratch card via a qr code or designated link.
Games That Excite Customers
Mixing games with your marketing campaign will always make it more engaging as your consumers will now be playing games to win prizes. The randomization of the discounted offers also introduces a suspense element that makes the game even more enticing
Showcase Products
Your clients can feature products on the wheel without making them one of the products that will be discounted or given away as a prize. This way they can still use the wheel as a promotion tool even with products they don’t want to markdown or give away.
Build Excitement and Drive Emotions
The suspense that is built from the chance of winning large prizes at discount plays a huge role in creating excitement and hype while introducing an emotional element of winning to help drive purchases.
You Can Be the Talk of Town!
Customers that have memorable experiences are more likely to talk about them. Such is the case when they’re pleasantly surprised by something as novel as a game and an opportunity to win prizes. Use word of mouth to build stronger brand awareness and recognization!

Better engage your audience with LiveSign’s Scratch and Win!

Promotions delivered through gamified tools have 4.5x more conversions
Instant Win Mechanic offer up to 40%-50% more engagement
Gamified promotions can result in 2-3x better campaign performance
Reward system can increase customer loyalty and customer retention
Create an overall fun and exciting experience for your customers