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Scratch & Win

Scratch Away and See What You Can Win Today!

What is Scratch and Win

  • Scratch and Win is an instant win digital game that is based on traditional scratch cards.
  • Play on your mobile and scratch the phone screen – No coins required! 
  • With a variety of prize rewards concealed behind each card, users will simply have to scratch off the surface to reveal the card’s content.

How It Works

  • Simply provide a link or QR code for customers to access your game after every purchase.
  • Once customers connect to the game, all they have to do is to scratch and find out whether they’ve won a prize.
  • Prizes/rewards are randomly generated around pre-programmed outcomes that you determine – customize the outcomes to needs of your campaign.

Prize Redemption

  • For the lucky winners, they will be directed to another screen with a message showing what they’ve won and how they can claim their prizes.
  • This will usually take place in the form of providing their contact information.
  • In order to redeem the prizes, your business will be able to invalidate the winning scratch card via a qr code or designated link.

Success Story

  • Scratch and Win is an excellent campaign to run for restaurants such as Sushi Point.
  • With delivery companies such as Uber Eats and Skip the Dishes taking a percentage of your sales, you can enable your own scratch and win games to incentivize more in store purchases or your own store deliveries.
  • Start saving on delivery fees and better engage your customers!
Who Doesn't Like Games?
Mixing games with your marketing campaign will always make it more engaging as your consumers will now be playing games to win prizes. The randomization of the discounted offers also introduces a suspense element that makes the game even more enticing
It is a Simple yet Well-Known Concept
“Scratch & win” brings a unique opportunity that consumers view as a privilege, but have most likely participated in before, therefore needing minimal guidance beyond the words “scratch & win.” It is simple yet effective!
Build Excitement and Drive Emotions
The suspense that is built from the chance of winning large prizes at discount plays a huge role in creating excitement and hype while introducing an emotional element of winning to help drive purchases.
Keep Your Customers Engaged!
Although the consumer is excited at the chance to win prizes at discount, it is not the expectation. The comfort for the consumer to know they will win at least the minimum offering is oftentimes enough for them to commit to making the purchase.

Better engage your audience with LiveSign’s Scratch and Win!

Promotions delivered through gamified tools have 4.5x more conversions
Instant Win Mechanic offer up to 40%-50% more engagement
Gamified promotions can result in 2-3x better campaign performance
Reward system can increase customer loyalty and customer retention
Create an overall fun and exciting experience for your customers