Wedding Mosaic

Let your guest’s social media photos be part of your wedding memories.

Wedding Mosaic is visual celebration of two hearts

Visual mosaic of all the guests photos merged with your photo

  • Guests can post on your favorite social media with special hashtag 
  • The photos will automatically be merged to your photo during your wedding
  • Guests can view the animated photos online
  • Download and print the wedding mosaic

How It Works

1- Choose your Favorite Image

2- Choose your favorite hashtag

3- Choose your favorite merge effect

4- Choose if you want partial or full mosaic

5- Decide on automatic response

You are done! 

Our software will automatically add social media photos with the specific hashtag during your event.
(our artists will be available to help you along the way too)

Include social media memories in your wedding memories

Contact us to find out details about wedding mosaic.