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Social Media Mosaic

Get a Chance to Win Prizes While Being a Part of the Big Picture

What is Social Media Mosaic

  • A Social Media Mosaic is the gathering of specific posts – such as logos, messages, and images – on a social media platform to generate a mosaic (in an image of your choosing). 
  • Any posting on your preferred social media with your campaign’s hashtag or mention will be added to the mosaic.
  • Specific tiles of the mosaic contain prizes that participants can win if their postings land on them.

How It Works

  • To participate in the Social Media Mosaic campaign, customers will need to post content with the required hashtag/mention. All postings with the hashtag/mention will then be selected as tiles in the form of a mosaic of your choosing.
  • You will be able to define where (which tile) specific prizes and posts appear on the mosaic.
  • You will have a high degree of control on the process. You can remove any unwanted images, set expiry dates, choose image merge effects, pick areas from any image to display as your mosaic, and more.

Prize Redemption

  • For the lucky winners, they will be directed to another screen with a message showing what they’ve won and how they can claim their prizes.
  • This will usually take place in the form of providing their contact information.
Incentivizes Participants to Build Your Client’s Brand
Similar to Post to Win, the Social Media Mosaic provides an opportunity for the participants to show off their creativity when posting, as they’ll want to see how their posts are incorporated into the mosaic, providing free brand promotion in the process.
It Allows Participants to be a Part of Something Bigger
With the Social Media Mosaic, all (appropriate) posts from the participants will be highlighted, allowing everyone to be engaged through social media. Anyone with any sort of interest in your client’s brand will want to join in so that they can feel like they’re part of something bigger.
Sports Games can take Advantage of it with their Big Screens
he Social Media Mosaic is especially powerful when there is a big screen involved. All participants can show their enthusiasm and support by posting while also getting the chance to be on the big screen. Start utilizing the Social Media Mosaic at sports games to hype up the fans!
Keep Your Customers Engaged!
Although the consumer is excited at the chance to win prizes at discount, it is not the expectation. The comfort for the consumer to know they will win at least the minimum offering is oftentimes enough for them to commit to making the purchase.

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Create an overall fun and exciting experience for your customers